The forms you require to make a claim for compensation, under the Merlo Davidson Settlement Agreement are found here. You may also access the online claim form by clicking on the button in the right hand column which give you access to a secure page to create a confidential account.The Claim Form filled out on the secure website can be printed for your records once you have submitted them electronically.

To make a claim, you must deliver a completed Claim Form and a completed Certification of No Prior Compensation Form to the Independent Assessor on, or before, February 8, 2018. If you have signalled your intention to file a claim by writing to class counsel or by opening an online account on our website the deadline to deliver a claim is May 22, 2018. If you choose to print the forms and fill them out by hand instead of using the on-line forms, please send the completed forms by letter mail to the address found on the form. Please do not send any forms, or other sensitive personal information, by email.

Forms to download

To be completed by all claimants
as of August 12, 2017
Deadline :  February 8, 2018

Please read the instructions at the beginning of the Claim Form carefully. They contain important information and instructions.

There is no charge to make a claim to the Assessor.

The claims process is non-adversarial and designed to be easy to access. There is no requirement to be represented by a lawyer. Should you wish to obtain legal advice you may contact class counsel or a lawyer of your choice. Legal fees are the responsibility of the claimant.

The Office of the Independent Assessor can assist you, free of charge, if you have questions about the form or the claims process. Please read our FAQ page before contacting us. We have put the answers to many questions on this page.
We can be reached at: or TOLL-FREE 1-844-348-0776. We will respond to questions as soon as possible, but, please allow 72 hours due to expected volume. Please note that we cannot provide you with legal advice.

All claims will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in accordance with the Settlement Agreement.