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Claim deadline is May 22, 2018

All paper claims must be received by the Office of the Independent Assessor on or before May 22, 2018. A postmark is insufficient.

Please note that our offices are closed May 21, 2018.

Online claims may be submitted until midnight Pacific time on May 22, 2018.

Claimants must ensure that they have provided:

  • a completed claim form;
  • a completed Certification of No Prior Compensation form;
  • a completed Authorization and Direction to Release information form;
  • a copy of government issued photo identification, supporting documents;
  • an Extension Request form if the claimant did not open an online account on or before February 8, 2018, or, did not write to class counsel to express an intention to file a claim on or before February 8, 2018.

The requisite forms may be accessed on our website.

Claimants are encouraged to review the FAQs on our website . Questions that are not answered on the FAQ may be sent to the info email account . We may also be reached at: 1 844 348-0776.  Given the anticipated volume of calls we recommend that claimants send questions by email.

Technical support for the online system is available at:

Please do not include any sensitive personal information in your email.