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Merlo-Davidson Class Action Settlement Approval Hearing : Federal Court today

May 24th, 2017 –  The Federal Court is hearing an application seeking the approval of the Merlo-Davidson Class Settlement Agreement today.

The issuance of the Court’s order will be followed by an appeal period. If the Court approves the Settlement Agreement, on the expiry of this appeal period, the Independent Assessor, who is responsible for the implementation of the Settlement Agreement, will publish a Notice of Settlement Approval. Claims from primary class members will be accepted during the 180-day period following the publication of this Notice. The date of publication of the Notice will be determined after the Court has rendered its decision and the appeal period has come to an end.


On October 6, 2016, the plaintiffs, the RCMP and the Government of Canada reached a Settlement Agreement the terms of which include an official apology by the RCMP and financial compensation for female members of the RCMP, civilian employees and Public Service employees who worked for the RCMP, who were victims of workplace harassment, bullying or discrimination based on their gender or sexual orientation by RCMP employees.

The Federal Court authorized the class action on January 13, 2017, ordering the publication of a Public Notice and a 60-day period during which the women covered by the class action but wishing to exclude themselves could do so. This period ended on March 29.

For further information

Persons wishing further information on the claims process outlined in the Settlement Agreement may consult the Independent Assessor’s website where they will find complete and current information. The proposed Settlement Agreement signed October 6, 2016 and all related documents are available on the website.

If additional information is required, individuals may contact the Office of the Independent Assessor:

Toll-free telephone: 1-844-348-0776

All communications with the Office of the Independent Assessor are confidential.


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