The Merlo Davidson class action sought financial compensation for female, current and former, living Regular Members, Civilian Members and Public Service Employees who worked within the RCMP from September 16, 1974 to May 30, 2017, and who experienced gender and/or sexual orientation based harassment and discrimination while working in the RCMP, and ​who have not opted out or are not deemed to have opted out of the Class Action. Please see the Settlement Agreement definition for a comprehensive statement of what is required to be a primary class member.

Claims for compensation had to be made by primary class members to the Independent Assessor by completing the online claim form accessible on this website or by downloading and forwarding a completed claim form to the Office of the Independent Assessor by the deadline. The claim period is now closed.

Family members of claimants whose claims have been assessed at either of Level 5 or Level 6 may also be eligible for compensation as secondary class members. Claim forms for secondary class members will be forwarded by the Independent Assessor if the primary claimant is assessed at either of Level 5 or 6. Those claim forms will be due by 60 days after the date on the Level 5 or 6 decision letter.

Claimants are ensured confidentiality.