The Honourable Lynn Smith, Q.C.
Additional Assessor
Appointed on October 26, 2018


The Honourable Michel Bastarache, C.C., Q.C.

Independent Assessor

The Honourable Marion Allan
Additional Assessor
Appointed on December 20, 2018


As 2019 begins, it is opportune to look back on how far we’ve come in the processing of the claims.

At the end of the claim period, May 22, 2018, we had opened 3,131 claim files, about three times the number originally estimated by the RCMP, the government and class counsel. As of January 17, 2019, more than one third of the claims had been decided.

Our goal is to process all claims within a reasonable time. At the request of all parties, the Federal Court appointed two additional assessors, the Honourable Lynn Smith, on October 26, 2018, and the Honourable Marion Allan, on December 20, 2018. They are both retired judges. Their role is to conduct one-on-one interviews with claimants assigned to them whose claims have been assessed at Level 3 or higher, for final determination of the compensation to be awarded.

I will also continue to conduct one-on-one interviews, but I will spend much more time assessing all claims to determine compensation for Level 1 and Level 2 claims, and to determine which claimants are eligible for an interview. The fairness of the process requires that all claims be assessed on the same basis now that we have three assessors. The number of decisions rendered will therefore also increase much more rapidly in the months to come.

I salute the courage of each woman whose testimony helps us to grasp the errors of the past. My team and I know how emotionally difficult it can be to report such painful events. My final report will reflect as accurately as possible the testimony collected to help banish the reprehensible practices of the past.

Michel Bastarache

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